Thursday, 1 December 2016

of late

- ted talk listened to, good sense of humour, on the subject of 'likes' culture
Addicted To Likes | Poppy Jamie 

- wes anderson made a beautiful Christmas advert.

- went to see the new design museum yesterday as I adore the work of John Pawson and I loved the old design museum. To sum it up there is a lot of design just not much museum. You have this very confused permanent collection at the top of the building and then huge open areas with nothing in it. For a building which plays on so much balance and minimalist design they have lost the balance between being an exhibition space and just a very nice piece of architecture. The Guardian had a good review on the matter, and I too believe it will grow into itself but for now I think they have run away from the objective and purpose of this building and got sucked up into the lets make everything pretty category, which for experienced designers is a rookie mistake.

- rodin at the Courtauld blew me away. the quality of this mans work, you can feel the passion coming off the page. this was only two rooms of his work, but it was so well curated. Kept to the point and the framing of the paintings was so complimentary to the works haven't seen that in a while. It has to be my exhibition of the year.

- i don't buy art magazines they feel very stiff to me. However 'see all this' caught my eye. First issue out now, its based in the Netherlands so not all content is useful to a worldwide audience but the graphics and some articles are worth a gander.

image found on pinterest

Monday, 21 November 2016

of late

- can't believe this year with news, and I am just becoming aware through instagram about standing rock against the pipeline

- to watch and adore the programme planet earth 2 makes the above point so strong, should be a blanket no to anything that effects the earth, to long its been money over preservation. 

- my favourite magazine to read, and not just look at the pictures has a new issue coming out. Nourished Journal, look it up. And Bath folk magalleria will be stocking it.

- reading a history of pictures: from the cave to the computer screen, by David Hockney and Martin Gayford. thought provoking and art stripped to its bare bones. 

- there is not many things that I would want to be featured on but Desert island discs is one of them. People really open up on that programme because its not trying to catch anyone out I love learning about peoples playlists, and life in general. 

- by the looks of things I live on the BBC for most of entertainment. Also watched Peter Yorks Hipster Handbook. I hate labels for anyone I think it is very narrow minded and just a form of judgment. However this is an intriguing label as no one wants to be associated with it but there is a defiant strong tribe that goes along with it, mainly men. 

- if you are self employed and don't do this already, do it! I got together all my self employed group of friends to all go out for a Christmas party. Being self employed has its perks, for example I am writing this post in my PJs, but it can also be very lonely and you can forget to take a minute out and celebrate! 

- uploaded a few paintings I did this Autumn onto my etsy site. And just this weekend gone I got featured in The Times Christmas guide. My favourite painting I uploaded out of the bunch. 

Nolde, Emil Ripe Sunflowers 1930

Monday, 14 November 2016

of late

- Flo Morrisey wrote a song and starred in a video for awaveawake which I wish I could pull off their clothes. Those view counts on the video is me, as I adore the song. 

- Shaping Ceramics: From Lucie Rie to Edmund de Waal. looking forward to this. Even though me and Jacobs collaboration has ended I still have it in my heart to explore ceramics. i don't want to draw on them I want to make them. And this exhibition has some fantastic work in it. 

- went to hole and corners Spoon Gathering, made a spoon from cherry wood. Still have bruises on my hand from carving. Such respect to all people who carve wood. Also got to see my friends forest and found

emile nolde

Thursday, 3 November 2016


I have always gone with my instinct and greeted everything with an open mind to see what I might learn from the experience. one thing I am learning though is that each experience I go through I am starting to think about my worth more and more.
when I get a quote in from my agent on how much I should be charging, I think oh shit I charged 75% less than that. I am not a greedy person, but now its time to start putting my needs first over opportunity. I kept saying yes to everything to see where it lead me, but I have been in areas where the people you work with don't actually respect your worth. I recently got told a company could pay me £20 for a piece of work! I am in the situation where I am so poor because of the studio any work is income, but working for £20 doesn't do anything for the moral, thats pocket money, not art money. If anything it has put me off working commercially and just to focus on my exhibitions. I have felt for some time that my commercial work has been so difficult because I am not meant to be doing commercial work, who knows.
Like all things in life, you got to trust that if you say no to this that something better will come along. For example it feels the same as a lousy relationship staying in one because you are in a relationship, instead of moving on, and letting the good come to you. Thats what I have decided to do with my work, no more undervaluing myself. I have to put that message out into the universe that the yes path to opportunities no longer serves me. trust that the company that wants to work with me enough will pay the right price. 

echinacea, pinterest

of late

- latest audio book listen ' do less, get more by she wasmund'. started reading some of her blog, as I enjoyed the book so much. 

- looking a lot at ancient art, spending hours on the British museum website.

- of course I bought the new book by David Hockney on the history of paintings. watch this video, short interview. 

- found this gorgeous quote from Rachel Brathen.

edgar degas

Tuesday, 18 October 2016

of late

- two talks that appears in my side bar of you tube which have been stirring some thoughts in me today. about being honest to yourself. Talk 1. Talk 2

- freaked out and barely slept because of watching stranger things on netflix. but I am a sucker for something with good actors, script, soundtrack, cinematographer and winona ryder who is on top form.

- had the best time at westonburt arboretum last week. in awe of nature. 

mariah nielson instagram 

Tuesday, 11 October 2016

art fairs

last friday I attended Frieze art fair. I was scouting for galleries, but I couldn't see myself being part of any of them there. Not because of the caliber of work, but because my work just doesn't fit. I am not worried, as I found the work very samey. However Edmund de Waal stood out for me, and if I had the money I would love a piece of his works. There is something spiritual to be said to his work. You know that feeling you get when you hold something which is full of memories, I get that from his work. 
Across the park was Frieze masters, totally different feel and atmosphere. Everything was more paired back, the feel was less anxious. And the works on display was just beautiful. I particularly like the ancient artworks they had, pieces of roman temples, Egyptian bowls. I am a huge fan of ancient art. It solidifies my belief that art is more than just the name and the price tag, its something built in us. Humans have always wanted to create art, it's such a natural process. And art was around before art committees and the need to display something from decoration purposes. 

Head of a Buddha, the London gallery Tokyo