Tuesday, 3 November 2015

do feel

I just finished watching the TED talks with Rachel Brathen of Yoga Girl. And it nearly made me cry.
I have picked out these phrases that Rachel says:

-telling the truth about how you feel will inspire others to do the same.
-talking about your pain is healing.
-sharing your story is letting it go.
-we all feel the same things just not at the same time.
-being vulnerable is how we heal.
- when bearing your soul with the world, tell the truth. 

I do feel when I talk about something a lot it is my way of coming to terms with the event that has just happened. It is true by talking we heal. When my friends talk about a certain problem constantly it is time to ask the simple question are you ok? Instead of thinking they are complaining. I know this because I will constantly talk about a dilemma I am facing not because I don't want to let it go or that I like the drama, it's because I am hurting. 


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