Saturday, 7 November 2015

why the show

I had a meeting with a company in LA this year who apple set up for me. And this company works with fine art artists in a decorative way. Apple thought this will be perfect for you Lucy your work is quite decorative I can see this happening. So off I went to this meeting, where I sat and listened to this mans advice to me which was to marry a banker so I can dabble in my art on the side, also that he wouldn't touch me because I had no name for myself. Nothing to do with my work purely down to if I was famous enough to work with him. I noted this advice during the meeting and ignoring his previous sexist remark I asked so how do I create this name for myself? He said he doesn't know. Useful man indeed. I left that meeting and dumped the catalogues he gave me of his own work, that he asked to give to my big clients, in the bin and with the attitude i'll fucking show you, you arrogant twat. I decided when I get back to England i'll put on my own show. 
I kept thinking I needed to wait to get noticed by an art dealer, gallery or buyer to allow myself to have the name of artist. I know now it is a process in your own mind that you go through to build to get there. That is why I wanted to draw so many paintings. To perfect my style along the way and that if you put a certain amount of hours into your craft you then become an artist. 
So if you think about an artist you think about them selling work, having work in a gallery, and they have a unique style which is recognisable to them.
It has worked to some degree even before the show has even opened I have a gallery who now wants my work, I have already sold some of the paintings and I defiantly have my name out there because people recognise my work. 
I have to keep reminding myself that this all happened in 4 months. Only thing that is different now is that I believe in my carer as an artist and my work and maybe being true to myself has shifted things about in the universe to bring the things I hoped for into my life. 

musée rodin

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