Sunday, 29 November 2015

Yin - The Bad

I don't always see bad as something that should be feared. Through bad things, experiences happen, lessons are learnt and appreciation for the little things are seen more and more. But that doesn't stop them being anything but stressful or upsetting at the time.

- the woman I rented the gallery from put the wrong date in all our emails for my show so all my leaflets, press, posters, and flyers were wrong. But she had put the right date in the invoice. So even though phone conversations and 6 emails both said the 30th always check all the paperwork!
- people come in and say shitty things about your work. e.g 
I don't like your signature I think you have ruined your paintings with your signature. 
I think you have found your comfort zone with this show, you could of been more experimental.
Your signage is rubbish, hope you enjoy your alone time because no one will come in to see you.
- trying to take the show down and it is torrential rain transporting the paintings to the car.
- organising things for the show as much as I have enjoyed making the dream in my head become reality, it has consumed my mind and I have developed insomnia for the past few months. 
- the woman I rented the gallery space from telling me she is going to have a party for the show she is having for her work, in the hallway but going to have the party in my space. so stressing about security of my work, and generally pissed off that I am paying for a space to then have a party there. And expected to be cool with that. 
- I dropped my phone down the loo....classic 

There is more but you get the idea. 

Photograph of a solar eclipse, April 17, 1912

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