Thursday, 17 December 2015

change is afoot

I have been very restless for some time now, not just the past week but for a couple years now. Like how travel enthusiasts get itchy feet to travel, I get this overwhelming sense to change to grow and explore. I don't need travel to open my eyes to new things, for me it is creating something within myself that is new. Changing the system. And as I am in the art world it has been my senses telling me something needs to change. 
A pinnacle moment happened to me yesterday, I went up to meet with a gallery who had already bought 11 of my pieces from the recent show, and had expressed interest in taking me on for their gallery. I was too excited, they are a fine art gallery with amazing credentials, it was such a compliment to be coming up to see them tears had been shed because of excitement. So when I was there thinking I was showing pieces for them to take it on, I was met with the usual I am worried it is a risk you have no name for yourself, you haven't been doing this for very long, you need to master your art form more.  All fair enough comments, they are a business and have over heads can't take a risk incase it effects them. Too be honest I thought this was too good to be true that I would be excepted at this gallery. But why buy my art then? it must not be down to the art, Maybe being unknown? this isn't the first time I have heard this, I got told this by Christopher Farr he wouldn't collaborate because I didn't have a name. 
So what do you do when you have the work the art is better than good for big players to reach out to you, but again no name... apart from bang your head on the wall out of frustration. I walked round London the rest of the day deep in thought and said to myself do I actually need these people? not out of spite, but do I really need a gallery to sell my work for me?
We are in a new world these days social media is massive, I have double the amount of followers on social media then that particular gallery. And even one of their famous clients have now bought from me seeking me out in Stroud of all places, not London. All via my online presence I have. I put on my own show, I framed my work, I contacted buyers, did my own press, and I have an international client base. Yes I know my art of business needs refining, but I mustn't forget i have done this all by myself. Never taught, learning in a small space of time and I proved I can do it. 
One thing the gallery owner said, yes you may have big people buying your artwork, but they aren't exactly in the art world. But I have thought long on this comment because it niggles at me that why haven't the art world looked at me? 
I haven't gone through the usual levels to become a qualified artist, have you done an artists residency, no, did you study fine art, no are you represented by a gallery, no. Then you get a shuffle of disapproval, she doesn't know what she is doing. 
I know what I am doing I am painting, I am painting from my heart, my style, my emotions. And I do have a name for myself it is LUCY AUGE. I promise you now that this art world is changing and I will carry on doing what I am doing regardless if these set people feel I am worthy of being excepted to a group. As long as there are people who love my art and want to buy it, that makes me an artist. 
I am going to take a break for the winter not from painting but from trying so hard and blossom in spring where I am planning a new way for myself, no art gallery, no art dealer, something better. 

Charles Hippolyte Aubry, Poppies, 1864

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  1. thank you for sharing these thoughts... they are very personal and quite close to my heart. I like to try and get my foot into the door via art groups... but do totally believe you are right in terms of self belief and taking your own path. The world has changed and is very small. I love making art sometimes...sometimes I hate it! It doesn't do as it is told...But I love being a full time artist!
    Thank you for sharing :)