Wednesday, 24 February 2016

this fortnight

- started with watching the writers garden video, then I was hooked and watched all the garden videos. Beautifully filmed.

- this was a campaign that came out pre Valentines, for us to love the world. This video completely touched me. I will get behind anything that is there to preserve I wonderful planet. Show the Love. 

- still on my quest for minimalism this year, bought a book by Erin Boyle. Who seems like the master of minimalism, with out loosing the heart of things. Other articles/books seem so brutal! The thing I like about Erin is she says by having less stuff, you worry less as jobs become easier. You don't have to go looking for things, organised living you free your mind to think about other things. 

- I hope to watch this film Sweet bean when it comes out.

- Paid a visit to Choosing and Keeping to stock up on supplies, lots of new coloured inks. 

- had the best eclair from the stall 'end of the eclair' which sells at Broadway Market on a Saturday. Nothing I like more than an eclair.

Clementina Ceramics

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