Monday, 7 March 2016

this week

-obsession: jam. toast, crumpet, croissant you name it jam will be present. Has to be a jam that is homemade by a friend or picked up via a farmers market. 

- La garconne , atiler section on their website I came across for some reason. I love the interior spaces they focus on and taking notes sections. But the rest is just too hipster for me. 

- WANT = women against negative talk. I want this website to get more publicity. It is an excellent site written in a down to earth fashion on how to be more positive about your self. Stop self critiquing yourself. I am guilty of this, but I don't know anyone who isn't.

- I sent this post about copycats to my friend Esme Winter, as she is being badly copied at the moment. I have a copycat, but I think in the creative industry you always will, and its learning how to deal with it. And it is not a compliment don't give me that bashed out line. I was reading a book about modern art and it said how Picasso was furiously jealous of Matisse, and would copy what he was looking at. Reading things like this brings comfort I feel. 

- my work made it into House and Gardens. the magazine is now casually laid open on that page for when people happen to come in and see it. 

'I can feel your smile' Neon, 2005 Tracey Emin

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