Monday, 21 March 2016

this week

- spring equinox is here. my favourite time of the year. shifts everything in my opinion. 

- had a week of doing my accounts figuring out how much everything is actually costing me. so found some new music, while i did my excel spreadsheets.
Summer time - Kat Edmonson
swimming pool - Emmy the great

- randomly watched a documentary about abstract art, found out about the artist who was meant to be the birth of abstract art. Hilma af Klint her art is steeped in spirituality. Then the next day i see she has an exhibition at the Serpentine Gallery. I feel i need to go. 

- I had a meeting in London, and for once had the afternoon all to myself, so spent 3 hours! which flew by at the V&A looking at practically every room. But mainly the ceramics floor to gain inspiration for me and Jacob Bodillys collaboration on the ceramics show we are doing together. 
My favourite piece was the moon jar, it just oozed beauty. 

- currently lusting over a Bodha oil diffuser. it goes hand in hand with my new pinterest board I started for a yoga and wellness centre. why not its pinterest. 

- got a business trip to Paris later this year. Hotel Henriette, is just another perk!

banquet workshop

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