Tuesday, 24 May 2016

last couple of weeks

- Grayson Perry, All Man tv series on Channel 4. Is probably the best TV I have watched all year. I think he nails every point on the head. I loved how he dresses as himself in every situation he doesn't change what he is wearing to fit in, like wearing a pink bucket hat with cage fighters.

- got obsessed with Almond Croissants from Bertinet Bakery. It was a short obsession which lasted a week because I felt so sick by the end of the week, but the are the best in town.

- went to the Hilma af Klint exhibition. An artist way before her time. I wonder if she was ever frustrated because she was creating something knowing that no one in her present day would understand it? but I actually think she didn't care and worked on her paintings because of her deep beliefs.

- attended a tri yoga workshop. Constantly going to new things in Yoga because there is so much to learn. Bring the art of releasing and healing to every day. I defiantly recommend this studio for workshops they get amazing teachers in with interesting new outlooks.

- looking forward to an exhibition in Bath! yes you read that correctly. Bloomsbury Rooms, a collection of paintings and objects created by the Bloomsbury group which are being reunited from private collections.


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