Sunday, 1 May 2016

this week

- gravitating towards incense at the moment as a scent but also to flush out negative energy. Been saging my room for ages but now stepping up a notch. Incausa at dohmshop sounds good to me. 

- Jody shields writes a good article about being "too busy". defiantly my most used words at the moment. 

- places you will find me eating in London, A.Wong and Bao 

- went to see the Vogue exhibition at the national Portrait gallery. sorry but I found it boring. Very who you know. However there was a glimmer of excellence via Lee Miller and Man Ray pure genius their photographs. 

- stocked up on paper from Shepherds in London (right round the corner from A.Wong very handy). 

- favourite snack at the moment chocolate and cashew Qnola with strawberries, yogurt and maple syrup. 

- lacy phillips writes about always asking the question Why? to all aspects of your life. From same website how to balance your Chakras, to remove blockages. 

- song on repeat: high you are, branches remix - what so not


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