Saturday, 25 June 2016


the last 24 hours have been very strange the atmosphere feels heavy I thought it was a storm that was coming not brexit. the current of panic in the air is making everyone very nervous. I am not nervous, all I think, this is change. Britain has faced so much before, this is just another thing to face. And I believe we have faced worse. I look at my grandparents who have seen wars, cities bombed and friends die. And yes this is a nation divided in opinion, but it is the money world that will be unstable the most, but it is always unstable, everything all the time is unstable. Everything I have ever known in my life has changed in one way it is about having a positive attitude to what has changed. Things can't go back, no matter how much you wish it. I never wish to not of gone out with the man who was abusive to me, as it  has made me a stronger person as i know I had the strength to stand up to him. I never wish I didn't get my ski accident that left me with seizures because I now have my love of gardening because of it, as I spent my recovery gardening. Its not the shit that happens to you its what you do after it is what matters. 

If you want to comment make it positive. Having a positive outlook in the dark times is what will see you through. 

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