Wednesday, 29 June 2016

of late

- had my hair cut lately looks like the photo above. 

- video of the installation of Clare Twomey’s Manifest: 10,000 Hours. addictive to watch.

- obsessed with the Australian outback, or arid landscapes in general. Also like looking at pictures of Joshua tree which isn't to far from Los angles. Maybe its because it is the opposite of rain we have here, or it is the dream of escapism.

- I respect the opinions of the art critic Waldemar Januszczak who writes in the times. I always think he gives a grounded opinion. And he is open minded without being sucked into hype of the artwork he may be looking at. He writes for the Times and I always read his column in the Culture supplement. I found out about another interesting abstract painter who was way before her time  Georgiana Houghton. 

- watched the film zootopia last night. yes its disney, yes I loved it. 

- why can't we get nice planters over in the uk? always so standard. Lusting over the ones sold by garden objects. especially the ones made by anchor ceramics. Garden objects instagram is a favourite of mine to follow, she finds so many interesting garden related things to post up.

- want to work with these people on something. Love their photography and mid century pieces.


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