Tuesday, 13 September 2016


- film to look forward to = Miss Hokusai 

- trying to get better with a routine each day. And I feel like a lump at the end from sitting so long. Start the day with morning yoga with Adrienne. And then a swim at my local pool in the afternoon. forgot how much I loved swimming. 

- i gave up on reading the news long ago because it was so depressing. And now giving up on the Sunday supplements too and also general magazines all together. Life is simple and I think who ever is writing these articles are full of insecurities surrounded with midlife crisis, age and basically what the other person is doing. However i still love a magazine to sit down with as I like the newness of current ideas. In Bath there is a good independent shop which sells a variation, I picked up  Nourished Journal from there. 

- autumn comes, so does porridge mornings. but I have the 26 grains book to keep it lively. 

Red beach, Paracas, Peru

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