Sunday, 25 September 2016

of late

- my week suddenly became very busy preparing for the Daylesford Harvest festival, where I was painting on site then pinning them up on plywood beams I had bought, to create an installation of plants painted in harvest time. I really get into my displays I come up with, I feel its part of the process to creating a big work. 

- dr james fox presented another brilliant documentary. This time about contemporary art. I love his face when he talks to Martin Creed, just can't hide his emotions that he isn't convinced by him. 

- It is roughly a 2 hour drive to Daylesford from where I live. It was such an early start which I don't mind. While driving I saw that it suddenly has become Autumn. I always feel there is just one day each season where you finally notice everything starting to change. It was just magic. 

- Listening to radio 2 and heard this interview with Derren Brown. Never paid attention to his work before but his new book has defiantly spiked my interest. 
From the interview in Huffington post:
Brown sees happiness as the absence of worry and stress. If we can release ourselves from anxiety, we can achieve a state of tranquility that the philosophers Pyrrho and Epicurus called Ataraxia, he argues. “It isn’t really a thing in itself, it’s more about when you take all of the frustrations and the anxieties away. And then, they’re quite easy to pin down and deal with. What you’re left with is this sort of tranquil calm state, and though I don’t think it’s the answer to everything, I think it’s a much more helpful model of how to be happy.”It’s also about accepting that you can’t have it all. “The ancient idea was to limit your desires,” he explains, “because if you limit your desires to what you have and what’s available to you, or what’s freely available, you value those things more and you’ll value your happiness much more easily.”Consequently, there is a chapter in Happy about lowering your expectations. “If you’re angry, it’s because your expectations were too high,” Brown reasons. “Rather than trying to control everything through self-belief, you don’t try and control the thoughts you can’t.”

Yves Klein, Yves Peintures, 1954

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