Monday, 19 December 2016


- I started a petition this month to get businesses to shut their doors if they need to put their heating on. I want this to be a law! I watched planet earth and before the flood, and it shook me. I thought I sit here drawing paintings worrying about our climate but doing nothing apart from buying non impactful items, eating organic and recycling. I need to do more, everyone does. And this doesn't ask people for money its a 2 minute act of signing your name: Sign here.

- had such a fun and tasty meal with my family at Woky Ko in Bristol. It was in a shipping container!

- manifesting a place of my own to live in next year. Read Free and Native about manifestation and pretty much have the interiors mapped out via my pinterest board.

- The last of my paintings ranging from £40-£60 are available on etsy now. As from the new year I will be changing direction. More on this later.

- fan of this interview that feundevon freuden did of Amy Revier.

- listened to Grayson Perrys descent of man. He just gets it, spot on and balanced. I want this book to be compulsory for everyone in schools.

Photo via pinterest

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