Sunday, 5 February 2017


- So Hockney is an obvious choice to go see this year. But I have been investigating and there is a Winnifred Nicholson Show coming to Falmouth. Vanessa Bell at the Dulwich Picture gallery, which I have never been to before. Also Josef Frank at the fashion and Textile museum. Do you know what they all have in common, colour!

- Bought some cushions from Merci Merci. I say its because I need some big cushions to rest against while I do reading, but its also aesthetic reasons.

- Never bought the Tate Magazine before but last time I was up I got it for the train journey and it was really good. I'll admit I got it because Hockney was on the cover, but they also have and interesting article about the art world and the rise of social media. Something I have been touching on alot latley when writing here.

- Another good art museum magazine to get is the RA magazine. You get it when you are a member of the RA which I am, but the content is very good. Some great talking points.

- I am on a mission at the moment to find things to do, culture, courses, walks, new places to explore etc. Came across a garden festival happening in March with some really amazing speakers.

picture : John Constable

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